Prime Steakhouse Whiskey Lounge

Meet  the Family

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide impeccable service and upscale dining with a touch of rustic comfort. 

We carry an array of specialty meats from prime steaks and fresh seafood, to wild game proteins unlike anywhere else in South Texas -delivering a unique taste of country living. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to redefine “fine dining” by replacing the white tablecloths for a rustic Texas-style experience and continuously creating new one-of-a-kind plates.

Growing up locally in Robstown, Texas. Tony, the youngest of five brothers, had a lifelong dream of one day owning his own restaurant. He would often sit on his mother’s kitchen countertop watching her cook homemade tortillas and Mexican food from scratch.

During his high school summer years, he would work with his father mastering the trade as a framer. Soon after high school, he continued in his father’s footsteps as a framer but never strayed too far from the kitchen. As a soul devoted husband of over 33 years and father of three children, he always cooked for his family and friends at every gathering.

After years, as a successful self-employed business owner of a framing and custom home-building company, he decided to turn his focus to his passion for cooking. Tony started as a general manager at a local restaurant, and to now owning his own catering company serving private school lunches for over 12 years. He continued to expand his business in the food industry by opening a food trailer better known as Flamin’ Grills, offering only the best products available.

After many nights of conversations with his wife and children, Tony felt it was the right time to open his own restaurant. He used all his knowledge of framing, construction, and interior design to create this one-of-a-kind steakhouse. He wanted the restaurant to have a feel of elegance yet casualness, “I want everyone to feel at home in my restaurant” – Tony. The goal of the restaurant is not only to offer you the best quality steaks & seafood but to allow you to feel as if you’re sitting at your own dining room table.

Prime Steakhouse & Whiskey Bar “Corpus Christi’s Premier Steakhouse” has many little touches that will take you to that one special place you have been before, but at the comfort of still being in Corpus Christi.


Meet the Owner, Tony Gonzalez

The youngest of five siblings, Tony has always had an eye for food. In his younger years he started off in construction as a framer following in his fathers footsteps but had a dream of owning a restaurant. He began his journey in the food industry by starting a small catering company for the Diocese of Corpus Christi and later opened his well-known food trailer Flamin’ Grills. However, he still yearned for more. Utilizing his 10+ years experience from his catering company as well as the food truck, he would finally be able to accomplish his dream. From there, Prime Steakhouse Whiskey Bar was born. Building a restaurant from the ground up is one of his biggest and proudest accomplishments in his career. Prime, in its short lifespan,  has become one of the best steakhouse restaurants in the South Texas region. “We’re creating an ambience that takes you to another place!”- Tony Gonzalez

Meet Natalie Gonzalez, Assistant Manager and Office Manager

Natalie is a Corpus Christi native who found her drive for working when she was 17. She stepped into larger leadership roles 4 years ago along with completing her business degree, where she perfected her organizational and daily operational skills. Her experience in banking and real estate has shaped Natalie into a decisive and dedicated hard worker. Natalie brings her bubbly spirit to Prime Steakhouse and Whiskey Bar to welcome customers and bond with staff, and she continues to bring new business ideas to life.

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